5 reasons to buy life insurance

Life insurance is an excellent financial planning tool, and it can be cheaper than you think.

The basic principle of life & social security insurance is that you are prepared for any eventuality. Therefore, it is important that this type of insurance enters as a basic item of your family planning, as well as your vehicle insurance.

To help you better understand the importance of this topic, we have separated five reasons for you to take out life insurance.

Income tax exemption is one of the few long-term investments that are tax-free. Upon receiving the indemnity, it must be declared in the IR, but there is no type of payment on the informed amount, and there is also no inheritance tax on it.

Coverage in case of serious illness

This type of insurance should also be considered for lifetime use. This means that if the insured is diagnosed with a serious illness, he himself will be able to enjoy the compensation that is paid directly to him.

Reimbursement of medical and hospital expenses

Limited to the insured capital, life insurance also guarantees reimbursement of hospital, medical and dental expenses. This becomes an advantage since you can choose a doctor, hospital, or the same procedure you want to perform regardless of the health plan. It is important to highlight that the expenses must fit the criteria established in the contract.

Coverage of funeral expenses

This is a time of great vulnerability and family emotional sensitivity. Most insurances guarantee the services of a funeral organization, death registration, wake, cremation, or burial, in addition to purchasing the wreath, casket or urn, the condolence table, and all other formalities.

More financial peace of mind

The indemnity helps the family to face possible financial difficulties that they may have due to the absence of the insured; this includes hiring funeral services to other expenses such as education; since linked to the life policy, you can add other products such as educational insurance and credit life.

We hope to have helped you with some of the main questions people have when buying life insurance and if you want to know more about how to do your insurance, come talk to us.