Discover the six most popular store cards

Clothing store card, shoe store card, for online shopping… in this article, you will find out about the most popular options. In the end, we give you some tips on what it takes to make an online or in-person store card. 

Having a store card, be it a credit card or just for purchases at the establishment, can give you exclusive discounts and be advantageous if you are a regular customer. Below we present the six most popular store cards, divided into clothing, footwear, and online sites categories.

clothing store cards

A clothing store card can be useful for renovating your wardrobe or concentrating this type of expense on one card. They can be exclusive for purchases at the establishment or have a flag, being accepted in other places. 


The first store is Renner, which offers both options: both the credit card and the card for purchases in stores in the chain (including Camicado and Ashua). Both are issued by Realize, Renner’s financial institution. 

The first is called “Meu Cartão,” an international credit card that can be branded Visa or Mastercard. There is no annual fee for the months you use it only for purchases at Renner, Camicado, and Ashua. That is, invoices with purchases in other establishments will be added to the annual fee (R$ 11.90), including when referring to payment in installments.

The second is the well-known Renner Card, exclusive for purchases at the chain stores, Camicado and Ashua. Unlike Meu Cartão, it has no annual fee and is 100% digital. Both options offer the possibility of paying in up to 10 interest-free installments for purchases made on the Renner website. If you are interested, read our article and learn how to make a Renner card, 


Riachuelo offers similar options: a card for exclusive purchases at the chain’s units and a card that can be used in other establishments. The Riachuelo store card is issued by Midway, the Guararapes Group finance company (responsible for operating the brand). 

The Riachuelo Card has no annual fee, is exclusive for use in the chain’s stores, and offers a 10% discount on the first purchase paid with it. The Riachuelo Visa or Mastercard Card is the option with the brand, with an annual fee of R$ 118. To make a Riachuelo card online, you need to download the store application (available for Android and iOS ), but you can also look for a unit on the network if you prefer to apply in person.

shoe store cards

Another option among the store card options is those aimed at the footwear market. In addition to these items, it is possible to find establishments that also sell sports accessories, facilitating the purchase and offering exclusive discounts in this sector. Below we bring two of them. 


ON Card, Netshoes store card is an example of them. It is advertised under the slogan “N Card is for everyone. Sport is for everyone”. In addition to buying shoes with exclusive discounts on the Netshoes website, you have advantages such as being able to put your name on the team shirts purchased at the store for free. 

The Netshoes store card works like a Visa-branded credit card. The minimum income required is R$800 for the N Card Itaucard Gol version, whose annual fee is R$186 (12 installments of R$15.50) in the first year of use. It can be an interesting option if you are looking for how to make an online store card, as your request is made through the website. 


Well known in the footwear sector, Calcard started in a similar way to an installment plan in the Studio Z chain stores. On its website, the company explains that it offers the Calcard card with its own brand, intended for purchases at Studio Z and in more than 300 thousand accredited establishments in 14 Brazilian states. 

To apply for this version of the Callard store card, no proof of income is required, but the grant is subject to credit analysis. Your annuity is only charged when there are purchases on the invoice. Now, in addition to this option, there is also a version of Calcard with the Visa brand.

Both offer a 10% discount on the first purchase at Studio Z and up to 70 days to start paying for items purchased at the stores in the network. To request them, it is necessary to go to a physical unit of Studio Z and present RG and CPF. 

Online store cards

The options presented so far are store cards that have online sales. Despite this, we also bring an exclusive category of companies whose websites have become a reference for online shopping in the electronics and furniture sector. Check out more about the Americanas, Magazine Luiza and Casas Bahia cards below. 


The Lojas Americanas card offers exclusive discounts and installments, cashback within the Ame program, and a scoring system. It is issued under the Visa brand and, therefore, can be used at establishments that accept purchases under that flag. 

Lojas Americanas card has an annual fee of 188.40 (12 times 15.70 on each invoice). On our blog, you can find a complete article on how to make the Americanas card, but, in advance, the process is all online and goes through a credit assessment.

Magazine Luiza

Another store that is already traditional for Brazilians but which has become equally well-known in the online universe is Magazine Luiza. Your store card offers similar benefits to other store card options: discounts and exclusive installments (up to 24 interest-free installments on in-store purchases). 

They are issued with Itaucard and, currently, only under the Visa brand. According to Itaú’s website, the annual fee is free, and the minimum income is R$800. Your request can be made at a chain store that offers the card issuance service or over the internet by filling out the form. Here on the blog, we also have a complete article explaining the step by step of making the Magazine Luiza credit card.

What do you need to make a store card?

Those were six popular store card options. Overall, the process for getting them is similar. You will make the request by filling out a form; then, the credit analysis is done, and, if approved, the issuance takes place afterward. 

If it has the digital card option, you can use it right away without having to wait for the physical card to be sent. In addition to filling in the form with your personal data, you will need to present a photo ID and CPF. Some stores also require proof of income and proof of residency. 

Which store has a credit card?

You may have noticed among the store card options presented here that some of them do not have a brand. In this case, the card continues to be a credit card, as it works in the logistics of personal credit. However, it can only be used for in-store purchases. 

If you are looking for a traditional credit card, then you need to check if it will have any brand such as Visa or Mastercard. This indicates that the card can be used in other establishments that accept the brand in question. 


In this article, we present six best-known store card options, including Renner, Riachuelo, Netshoes, Calcard (Studio Z), Americanas, and Magazine Luiza – covering clothing, footwear, and online sales establishments. 

Having a store card can be interesting if you are a repeat customer, as they usually offer advantages such as exclusive discounts for payments made on that card. Still, it is important to be careful not to lose control of spending and remember that this is also a type of loan requiring attention as such. 

If having a store card doesn’t solve your current need, research other credit options offered in the market. CashMe can be the solution for cases that require a loan of greater value, such as paying off debt or investing in your own business. Discover our loan with a property guarantee!