How much does MetLife auto insurance cost?

About one hundred million people scattered in fifty different countries around the world have decided to become customers of Metlife in Italy alone there are more or less two million customers of the company. Metlife specializes in loan and mortgage protection policies (sector in which it is the first independent operator on the market), solutions for the protection of family health, and protection programs for employees of companies. Let’s take a look at consumer opinions to find out what people think about this company, then let’s get to know its products, how to calculate the quote, how to request cancellation, the toll-free number, and other contacts of customer service.

All Metlife Insurance

Before knowing the opinions of consumers on Metlife Insurance, it is necessary to know what type of products it offers to its customers. The catalog consists of two product categories, namely life insurance and accident and health insurance. Life policies have the objective of guaranteeing the maintenance of the standard of living when family income is reduced following serious unforeseen events; they are solutions that can be useful for single-income families or families that are exposed to major debts (with a mortgage or an investment for example), but they can also be important for companies, which in this way guarantee business continuity even in the absence of key people.

  • Metlife Libera Mente is a simple and flexible life policy with a fixed premium (set based on the age of the insured and the amount to be insured) with monthly, half-yearly or annual payments: the duration can range from 5 to 30 years and the coverage for death from any cause can range from € 50,000 to € 1.5 million;
  • Metlife Libera Mente Più is always a temporary policy in the event of death with constant capital that allows you to choose the sum to be insured, but provides for the doubling of the insured capital in the event of death from an accident and tripling of the capital in the event of death due to a road accident;
  • Metlife Mutuo Vivo protects the house that was bought, guaranteeing the repayment of the loan even in the event of permanent disability with coverage equal to half of the insured sum, with a maximum of 250,000 euros) or death (total coverage of the sum insured by 50,000 euros to 1.5 million euros);
  • Metlife New Protection is the life insurance for companies and professionals who can benefit from a significant sum of money if one of the central figures of the business is missing (death or permanent disability); furthermore, the company shares are protected because the sums can be used to purchase the share of the disabled or deceased shareholder.

As regards accident and health insurance, the following are available:

  • Metlife Pronto Protetto Via, which protects the insured 24 hours a day, in Italy and abroad: in the event of minor injuries that involve plastering, hospitalization, or convalescence, a daily sum is provided (which is doubled if there is abroad) and can benefit from other services (home nurse, ambulance, babysitter, physiotherapy); you can choose between the Smart plan and the Gold plan (same services, different daily amount);
  • Metlife Protection Junior  aims to protect the well-being and future of their children: in case of unforeseen events (for example the fall from the scooter) you receive financial help and in difficult moments you can benefit from various services (from medical consultation to baby -sitter, passing through the home teacher); if one or both parents cannot take care of their children, up to 600 euros per month can be received for each of them; you can choose between Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large packages .;
  • Metlife Safe Now guarantees its loved ones in the event of permanent disability or death of the insured; based on the capital you want to receive, you can choose between the Smart plan and the Gold plan;
  • Metlife Meno Male Gold and the policy to ensure economic stability and care for your family or employees of small and medium-sized companies; it is available in the Basic, Standard, Extra and Top plans and provides compensation in the event of death or permanent disability, a per diem for hospitalization or plaster, reimbursement of medical expenses and compensation for dislocation, concussion and burn.

Opinions Metlife Insurance: user reviews and comments

Browsing the various sites specialized in the insurance sector and between the portals that collect user reviews, it is possible to say that on average the opinions on Metlife Insurance are positive. On one of the most important comparison sites, the company collected a good 3.8 out of a maximum rating of five, the result of the opinions of 877 consumers. It must also be said that there are not a few users who claim to have had some problems with the company, especially about refunds. Before signing the policy, it would be advisable to carefully read the conditions provided for in the contract: you must not limit yourself to looking at the annual premium and the guarantees included, but you must also carefully evaluate any minimums, deductibles, and overdrafts.

Metlife Insurance quote: online calculation and examples

The policies can be subscribed at a Metlife point of sale or by telephone subscription; first, however, you need to know how to calculate a quote. In reality, it is all very simple: just go to the official website of the company go to the insurance section and select the product you are interested in; at this point just click on the online quote and fill in the forms to find out how much the policy costs. On the site, there are also several examples to get an immediate idea of ​​prices.

  • A 10-year Metlife Libera Mente policy with an insured sum of 100,000 euros in the event of death signed by a 35-year-old non-smoker has a monthly cost of 9.33 euros;
  • Metlife Libera Mente More policy with a duration of 10 years with an insured sum of 100,000 euros in the event of death (doubled for death from injury and tripled for death from a road accident) signed by a 35-year-old non-smoker has a monthly cost of 18.05 euros ;
  • Metlife Mutuo Vivo policy with a duration of 20 years with an insured sum of 100,000 euros in the event of death signed by a 35-year-old non-smoker has a monthly cost of 8.77 euros;
  • Metlife New Protection policy with an insured sum of 400,000 euros in the event of death signed by a 40-year-old non-smoker has a monthly cost of 40 euros.
  • Metlife Pronto Protetto Via policy with a Smart plan for a single policyholder of any age has a monthly cost of € 9.40 (the Gold plan costs € 17.30 per month);
  • Metlife Safe Now policy with a Smart plan for a single policyholder of any age has a monthly cost of 11.20 euros;
  • Metlife Junior Protection policy with a Medium plan (daily protection, assistance services, Future Protection option for the death or disability of parents) for a single insured person has a monthly cost of 28.78 euros;
  • Metlife Meno Male Gold policy with a Standard plan (sum insured of 100,000 euros for death or permanent disability, 50 euros of hospitalization or plaster allowance) without additional guarantees for a single insured has a monthly cost of 24.50 euros.

How to request cancellation of the Metlife policy

It may happen that in the course of life the needs change: if at a certain point you are sure that you no longer need the policy, you can proceed with the cancellation of the insurance. Those who have activated the policy through the Metlife website or by telephone can deactivate it by calling the free number 800319665 (the service is active from 8:30 to 20:00 from Monday to Friday and from 9.00 to 13:00 on Saturday; the same number can also be used to communicate changes in the data provided during the stipulation of the contract, the modification of bank details and the change of beneficiary); cancellation _it will be effective from the first monthly deadline following the request. It is not possible to request a cancellation by telephone if the policy has been signed with agents, sub-agents, brokers, and banks; in these cases to request the deactivation of the insurance it is necessary to send a registered letter to the addresses indicated in the insurance conditions, indicating all the data necessary to identify the policy. It must be specified that some policies have a minimum duration.

Metlife Insurance toll-free number and customer service contacts

The official website of Metlife is also the quickest way to get in touch with customer assistance: from the home page just click on the item to get to the page with the contact form, which can be used by both those who are not yet customer of the company who instead has already signed a policy (in this case the policy number must be entered in the form). As we have seen in the previous paragraph, which you can contact for assistance, manage or cancel the policy, but only if this has been activated by telephone or via the web.