Medical insurance for people over 85 years of age

If you are over 85 years old and have not yet contracted health insurance, or if you are looking for one for your parents or grandparents, you should know that some insurance companies design specific policies to serve precisely this segment of the older population. These are the so-called “senior policies”.

Medical card insurance for people over 85 years of age is characterized by adjusting its coverage to the specific requirements of this group which, thanks to the gradual increase in life expectancy, is becoming broader. They are therefore safe adapted to protect the health of the elderly.

Modalities of medical insurance for people over 85 years of age

There are different types of health insurance for people over 85, so you can choose the one that best suits your specific needs. In all of them, however, geriatric care occupies a place of paramount importance, as they are insurance policies aimed precisely at protecting the health of the elderly.

On the other hand, these insurances usually cover mostly all the specialties of health insurance use, as well as emergency services and diagnostic tests. Some options, however, exclude services such as surgery and hospitalization from senior policies. That is why you have to look carefully at the possible exceptions and check, before taking out the policy, which situations are covered and which are not, to assess whether it adequately meets your needs.

Characteristics of health insurance for people over 85 years of age

Health insurance for people over 85 years of age is usually very comprehensive insurance. However, the special age range to which they are directed determines some of their most notable characteristics:

  • High premium. The health insurance premium for people over 85 years of age is, as a general rule, considerably higher than when the insured are younger, since the risk to be covered is also higher: the older, the greater the chance of getting sick and requiring medical treatment.
  • Medical chart. The medical team in this type of insurance for people over 85 is made up mainly of specialists in geriatrics.
  • Specific coverage. Senior policies often include specific coverage, such as home care or personal assistance.

How to find the best health insurance?

If you are looking for health insurance for people over 85, you will probably have a hard time finding it, since many insurers exclude health insurance after a certain age. In any case, although the alternatives are not too many, it is always possible to find options adjusted to your needs, preferences, and budget. To do this, we recommend that you use the practical health insurance buyer. It is a fast shopper and very easy to use. In a few minutes, you will obtain a complete comparison of the available options in regard to health insurance for people over 85 years of age.

Other tips that you should assess before hiring this type of insurance

Some of the tips you should keep in mind are the following:

  • Make sure of what the maximum hiring age is in your case.
  • See if the insurance modality includes a copay, which you should assess based on your needs and priorities.
  • Check what are the contact and accessibility channels offered by the insurance company. In this sense, services such as telephone assistance or home assistance are essential for a person over 85 years of age, taking into account their reduced mobility possibilities.